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The Press Release Method to Get Great Publicity

If you have had any experience in public relations or marketing, you probably know how well press releases can work. There are many, many companies who have increased sales by 100%-300% in a matter of months simply through using press releases.

Most people don't know how to write them, distribute them, or use them to their advantage in general. I'm not going to describe how to write them in this article, that's for another day. However, I will outline the plan that I have used to generate literally millions of dollars in free publicity and advertising for my clients. It is a special program that I call the "24 week total publicity plan".

This plan works by using publicity to get your clicks and links, which will also boost your standing in most search engines. Furthermore, by sending out enough press releases, you are virtually guaranteeing that you will get a fair amount published and get some awesome publicity.

If you haven't guessed how the plan works, it works like this. The first week, you look over articles from your industry on e-zines, websites and trade publications. You then come up with 26 different ideas for articles and press releases. You then write them in batches of 5 and start submitting one each week.

You will want to plan ahead for certain seasonal ideas. For example, if you are in the construction business, put out an article or press release describing winter care for your house in the late fall and one on air conditioning as summer starts to come. Timeliness will ensure getting more articles and press releases published and will help your publicity plan in general.

If you have a problem with writing, you're not alone. There are many people who want to use public relations to their advantage but they simply cannot write for the job, or don't have the time. The Internet is coming to the rescue, though, because there are many people that are happy to ghostwrite your articles or press releases for a reasonable fee.

Sometimes in publicity and search engine optimization, quantity beats quality. In this case, you may want to write the articles yourself, but you may also want to hire a professional writer to draft the most important ones for you.

Good luck on your quest for great publicity!

Bryan Thompson is a young entrepreneur and founder of Press Release Writing Online (Http:// In his experience as a freelance publicist, writer and entrepreneur, he has worked with dozens of small, medium and large companies. He is also writing a book on the basics of publicity for small businesses and is also managing several other online businesses at the same time. You may contact him at


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