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P.R. Strategies for Professional Service Providers

Promotion for Professional Services Providers requires a different approach than for other types of business people. Here's why:

* People buy professional services based on reputation, credibility and knowledge

* Advertising works for products, especially ones that can be described; professional services are intangible and the selling points are based on the provider of service

* Professionals must differentiate themselves by creating niches and through PR activities that create strong reputations, build credibility and showcase knowledge

Low-Cost, No Cost PR strategies you can use immediately:

* Speaking engagements

* Guest columns

* Radio Expert

* Volunteering on charity committees; member of a charity board; pro-bono work for a charity

* Award submission

* Web Site

* Special Events

* Newsletter (e-mail)

* Publicity

How to decide which PR strategies are best for you:

* What do you feel comfortable with? I have an attorney client who doesn't feel comfortable doing speaking engagements or radio shows, but likes to write. Then I have a motivational speaker client who loves to speak but hates to write, so he outsources the writing to me. I feel comfortable with writing and speaking, so I do lots of different P.R. activities to promote my business.

* What can you commit to? Newsletters, for instance, should be done on a consistent basis. Whether it's weekly, biweekly or monthly, can you commit to a schedule?

* What are other professionals in your area doing? If there is already a coach offering radio expertise on the radio show you'd like to be on, that's a tough sell for you. But perhaps you could offer to write a Q&A column for your local newspaper.

Focusing on P.R. is a very effective strategy for promoting Professional Services Providers.

Margie Fisher is President of Margie Fisher Public Relations. Learn more about her Pay for Results Publicity Program? and her free biweekly PRactical P.R. newsletter at


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