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The Power of Radio - Tips for Great Radio Interviews

Many people are intimidated by radio interviews, whether live or pre-recorded and often spoil great promotion and branding opportunity in less then effective interviews.

Did you know there are more than 1500 talk radio shows in the US?

Also, radio is the only medium to show increased usage since the introduction of the Internet.

Radio can be a powerful way to communicate to a large amount of people in an immediate and intimate way.

So it is increasingly important to perform at your best when doing radio interviews in order to make optimum use of the opportunity.

Having worked in radio for more than 16 years, here are my 10 tips for getting the best out of radio interviews.

1. Preparation.

You only have one chance to get it right with live radio. Always prepare. This includes having strong and precise messages you wish to relay to the audience and goals for the interview.

2. Stay on message.

Most radio interviews are less than four minutes in duration. Always keep on message and avoid being drawn into side issues. Journalists are trained to acquire information from you, not necessarily on the topic covered in the interview. Keep focused at all times.

3. Metaphors and examples.

Radio is a very intangible medium. It is difficult to store and listeners rarely get a chance to re-listen. Make your message more memorable and tangible with stories, metaphors and examples. Remember radio reflects your personality to the audience.

4. Use word pictures.

The radio is often on as background noise. It is also the medium of imagination. Cut through the clutter with words that paint a picture in the mind of the listener.

5. Be available.

Always make yourself available for radio interviews. The immediacy makes it a powerful medium. Be available to go into the studio for better quality than over the phone or to take talkback calls. Missing a interview opportunity means the station will find somebody else to interview, perhaps a competing company in the same field, offering them the exposure.

6. Warm up your voice.

Always take time to warm up your voice so you sound more articulate, intelligent and authoritative. This will give you more confidence. Be clear in your pronunciation, unlike printed news listeners aren’t able to listen again if they miss words.

7. Make it personable.

Use the interviewers name to make it more personable when answering questions. This is another chance to develop a relationship with the media outlet interviewing you as well as your audience.

8. Don't wait to be asked.

Many first timers fail to get their message across because they wait to be asked. Always try and take control and use every opportunity to get your message across. Be adaptable but remember your goals and messages.

9. External noise.

When you do radio interviews make sure the background is as quiet as possible. While wailing sirens will help add a sense of urgency, background noise can be distracting from your main message. Remember your message will be competing with background noise in the offices or cars it is listened to in so try to keep your background noise as minimal as possible.

10. Call to action.

Most people will remember the opening and closing of a radio interview. Always have a strong closing with a call to action, i.e. something you want listeners to do. Having an action statement at the end of your interview offers an opportunity for listeners to be involved with your company and develops your relationship further.

Thomas Murrell MBA CSP is an international business speaker, consultant and award-winning broadcaster. Media Motivators is his regular electronic magazine read by 7,000 professionals in 15 different countries. You can subscribe by visiting Thomas can be contacted directly at +6189388 6888 and is available to speak to your conference, seminar or event. Visit Tom's blog at


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