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Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relations
agencies do every year?

They research and compile editorial calendars from publications
that are pertinent to their client's business.

You should too.

What's an editorial calendar?

Editorial calendars are schedules of what topics a publication
plans for cover for a particular month. For example, the INC.
editorial calendar for July 2003 states that
they're writing an article on various business services.


If you feel that you can contribute to this particular topic,
call or email the editorial department at INC. (try to "speak" to
the managing editor) and find out who (which reporter) has been
assigned to write the story. Email or call the reporter and
explain how you can contribute. It's that simple -- it takes less
time than writing this article - and is much more effective than
blast-faxing a garbage bound press release to inappropriate

Final thoughts: Many publications post their editorial calendars
on their Web sites -- usually they're found in their advertising
media kits. Otherwise, contact the publication's advertising
departments and ask for a calendar. Check for editorial deadlines
- many publications work 6 months in advance.

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