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6 Essentials for Doing Your Own PR: Guest Author

Today's issue of Lean Marketing Champions features tips on doing your own PR from one of our authors and PR goddess, Paula Gardner.

1. A Website.

Even if you think a website isn't going to directly to contribute to sales, having a web presence makes it a lot easier for journalists to suss out a bit more about you before they commit themselves to getting in touch. And, once you've got your details and further information up there it's not unknown for journalists to respond to a press release and write up their piece from your release and your website alone, without even getting in contact with you.

2. A Brand.

Having your brand defined, at least in your head, helps you market yourself boldly, strongly, and even provocatively if necessary. Think about what you represent. You don't just sell financial products; you offer security and trustworthiness. You don't only own a hair salon and cut hair; you offer a fresh new image, a time to change the way you look and feel about yourself. Think about mobile phone adverts - very few of them actually have a mobile phone in them but hint at aspirational lifestyle statements! It's a technique that works.

3. A Thick Skin.

There will be those times when you call a journalist in the middle of press day and they grunt at you down the phone. Don't take it personally. Just shrug it off and move on.

4. A Spring in your Step and a Smile on Your Face.

Most of us, journalists too, prefer to talk to someone who is optimist and cheerful. So, stand tall and put a smile on your face (even when you're on the phone, it does work).

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5. Persistence.

Putting regular time in really makes a difference. So, get out your diary and schedule in some PR appointments with yourself for the next few months.

6. Help.

Whether it's a VA, a colleague, a PR or media student, a willing friend in business or a PR Buddy, having someone who is not afraid to say "That press release is just too boring" is really worth finding.

7. Knowledge of the Press.

I often get clients who don't read, never make the time to listen to the radio and are proud of the fact. I do empathise with them, but really, to have any success in PR you've got to know who you're talking to. So, sit down and choose your target publications, list them and tick them off as you read them. Regularly.

A good resource that you but cheaply is the Writers and Artists Yearbook, available from Amazon. The Writers and Artists Yearbook 2005 will cover a good deal of publications (both newspaper and magazine in the UK). The Guardian Media Directory moves up a step in seriousness, covering the addresses, phone numbers, websites and key personnel for companies in every section of the media, from digital television to magazines, regional newspapers to publishing houses, think tanks to charities. The site is also a great top up resource.

8. A Fail Safe Method of Contact.

If you know that you're not going to be around for long periods, whether it's away at meetings or doing your day job, make sure there is someone who can at least take a message and hunt you down when the press come knocking. Because, unlike The Postman, they rarely knock twice.

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