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How to Get Publicity for a Service Business

Many of our clients are in service businesses, such as realtors, financial advisors, interior designers, attorneys, salon and spa professionals, home health care, therapists, consultants, accountants, computer services, and several more.

Service professionals have to work harder to promote themselves. Why? Because they are selling themselves, not products. Many times service professionals don't advertise, or have limited advertising opportunities. Some marketing activities are even regulated by the industry they are in.

If you're a service professional, you know that publicity can be a crucial factor in your success because it helps you build credibility and enhances your reputation.

Here are three ways to get publicity if you are in a service business:

1. Offer your opinion on something happening in the news. Example: Divorce attorneys can comment on the Brad and Jen split. Accountants can speak on the extension of tax relief for tsunami donations.

2. Create an attention-getting Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Realtors can offer lower than 6% commissions. An interior designer can offer budget decorating services.

3. Participate in volunteer organizations. Many activities are covered by the press, and your picture and involvement with the organization can be included. Studies have shown that people would rather do business with people who help the community.

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