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Andrew Bogut - His Big Media Blunder And What You Can Learn From It

Andrew Bogut, the Australian basketballer is now officially in the top four of Australia's sporting rich list after signing a five-year deal with the Milwaukee Bucks worth about $37 million.

This comes after being selected No. 1 overall in the NBA draft recently.

Media reports suggest "his earnings are expected to soar even higher when endorsements and sponsorship deals are factored in."

For example, the 213-cm or 7-foot tall basketballer has already picked up a Nike contract that is reportedly worth $6.7 million over the next five years and Bogut is in line for a sports drink endorsement.

But his media comments critical of famous Australian names such as Luc Longley, Andrew Gaze and Shane Heal, could damage his personal brand.

What he needs is media training to be able to handle the world's media spotlight.

Here's what he said in the media limelight on signing.

"I think I'm much more competitive and much more of a winner than a lot of those guys.

"With those guys, over their careers they didn't really show much improvement,"

Ouch! When you throw comments like that out in the public arena you can't take them back.

And, while he may be confident, the media love conflict, especially a cynical Australian media.

And he's learnt fast how undisciplined comments can come undone.

Especially at critical moments such as his signing when he's in the public eye.

He's now having to clarify his comments every time he speaks to the media as his comments at a recent media conference indicate.

"I wanna say something before I start, to everybody," Bogut said. "I'm not answering questions about the whole Luc Longley issue. I'm not commenting on it. It was taken out of context."

So, a tough lesson for the 20-year old from Melbourne with Croatian parents.

How could he have handled it better?

Here are five lessons from the Bogut Media Blunder.

1. Don't Pass Judgments On Others In Public
Keep your personal views to yourself.

2. Compliment, Don't Criticise
Always compliment others and be positive.

3. Be Humble
Confidence is good but those who are most influential link this with humility.

4. Let Your Actions Speak For Themselves
Enough said.

5. Get Good Advisors Around You
In this case, this whole stoush could have been avoided with good advice and some clear thinking and coaching prior to his media conference.

Thomas Murrell MBA CSP is an international business speaker, consultant and award-winning broadcaster. Media Motivators is his regular electronic magazine read by 7,000 professionals in 15 different countries.

You can subscribe by visiting Thomas can be contacted directly at +6189388 6888 and is available to speak to your conference, seminar or event. Visit Tom's blog at


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