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Detailing The Famous Kentucky Derby Train

The annual detailing of the Kentucky Derby Train is an annual ritual for the beautiful long sleek historical piece of American History. It may seem easy to detail such a fine piece of machinery, but it take many man-hours and they expect it perfect. Such a job is sure to inflate the egos of the company with the contract and make some ice pictures for their portfolio.

My company, The Detail Guys were commissioned by the Top Brass of CSX Railway to clean and Detail The Kentucky Derby Train for the 129th 2003 Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, KY. So many famous celebrities have made the journey to Churchill Downs over the years on the Kentucky Derby Train that you could not possibly mention them all. Several Presidents, Future Presidents, Governors, Leaders of the Free World, Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Movie Stars and Persons of Notice have made the journey on The Kentucky Derby Train.

CSX realizing bids the job out each year for the annual ritual of the detailing of the Kentucky Derby Train. They ask tough questions and demand perfection. Luckily they picked our team as a valuable vendor worthy of the crucial and important job, also knowing of our environmental Best Management Practices to prevent wastewater run-off awarded us the contract this year. The Detail Guys cleaned and detailed the most famous party train in the United States, perhaps the world in record time for an important date in the annals of history. We also did it without a drop of pollution using our great products and environmental procedures another thing CSX are sticklers for; they care about the environment and anyone who works with the company knows their policies are some of the toughest in the industry today. Not a drop of wastewater was even allowed on the ground; seriously.

The annual running of the Kentucky Derby is the largest and most popular of all events in Kentucky, drawing spectators from all 50 states and 35 countries. After 129 years of this annual event the tradition is quite impressive still. This years Kentucky Derby winner was a 50:1 long shot. The Train leaves from Florida's First Coast and travels to the Kentucky Derby in first class Five Star Style for the running of the Kentucky Derby and then returns with several important stops along the way. We are so proud to have been able to create the shine for the annual historic trip. And this Kentucky Derby was one of the best ever experiences for the attendees and the individuals fortunate enough to know the right people for a place on the Train.

God Bless this historic event, train ride and the people who have made it possible and so great through all those years. This truly is what makes America so GREAT !

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