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Marketing-Minded Financial Planners Piggyback on Topic A to Get Free Publicity

That big story the media pursue each day is what I call Topic A. And even if it doesn't seem to have anything to do with financial planning, it often lead to huge media visibility for you.

Often, Topic A has a controversial element, such as when tax cuts or Social Security is being discussed.

The last thing that you want to do is pick sides on a controversial issue--unless you want to cut your prospect base in half by offending 50% of the audience.

But as an independent expert providing objective, valuable, nonpartisan insight and analysis, you can stay above the fray - and still win points.

You could beat your head against a wall twelve months a year, trying to get a reporter to write about your retirement planning story.

Or, by contacting a reporter when a prominent person is retiring, you could garner the free publicity you seek in a few short minutes.

Which is better?

If you can link your expertise to Topic A, you stand a great chance of getting media coverage for yourself. Jump onto that story and hold on tight.

Often, Topic A involves politics. As a subject-matter expert, your job is to explain, not to take sides. When each side has a proposal, you simply describe what the effect of the President's plan will be, and what the effect of Congress's plan will be.

Much of the discussion is held on political shows, where people are constantly arguing. Avoid these types of programs, and stake your claim in consumer and business oriented shows. There are plenty.

Let the noisemakers make noise, and while they do, you shed the light.

Ned Steele works with people in professional services who want to build their practice and accelerate their growth. The president of Ned Steele's MediaImpact, he is the author of 102 Publicity Tips To Grow a Business or Practice. To learn more visit or call 212-243-8383.


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