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Marketing-Minded Financial Planners, Its Not Who You Know But What You Know

Almost every day, I hear the same question, over and over, from motivated, well-meaning financial planners who want to use publicity in their marketing mix. It goes something like this:

"Who do you know in the media? (Or, sometimes they frame it as, "Who do I need to know in the media?") Can you get me publicity?"

My answer is always the same. Who you know in the media is only half the game. And it's the easier half.

I'm a former newspaper reporter, and am on a first name basis with plenty of newspaper reporters. And here's what you get from knowing someone in the media:

It gets them to take your phone call, or your e-mail. Period. That's it.

But it's what you know - your unique expertise and experience - and how you serve it up to those hungry media folks that determines whether you'll become a media star.

When they know you (or your publicist), they'll gladly give you 30 seconds on the phone to make your pitch. But - and this is the harsh truth - for you to get into print or on the air, they must make the cold, calculated judgment that what you've got is newsworthy. Not even the strongest relationships or friendships can bend this iron rule.

Ned Steele works with people in professional services who want to build their practice and accelerate their growth. The president of Ned Steele's MediaImpact, he is the author of 102 Publicity Tips To Grow a Business or Practice. To learn more visit or call 212-243-8383.


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