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Radio Interviews - How To Get Them!

Getting on the radio can be a great tactical move as part of your overall publicity effort, but you do need to have a story idea or an angle to present on a particular topic. Selling yourself as a guest on a talk show is a great way to raise your profile and if your subject relates to a topic that is currently in the news your chances of getting on is clearly improved.

The media is hungry for business stories. But sometimes it seems that the business community doesn't't blow its trumpet often enough.

If you get the opportunity to talk about your business in the press or media, it's important to get it right. Getting on the radio can be a great tactical move as part of your overall publicity effort. We offer some easy steps to get you on air.

Do your homework

You need to know exactly which radio shows you want to target and why. Before rushing into getting an interview, answer the following questions:

Which radio show will be interested in me/my product/service?

Who are the audience that I want to speak to?

Why will the radio show host want me as a guest?

Are there any current news issues that I can align my interview with?

Do I have a special offer or piece of new news that I can offer?

Do I have any contacts that can assist me with gaining an interview?

Which interviews have I heard that was similar to mine?

Which other questions should I be asking myself here?

Nothing kills your chances better that approaching a talk show with an idea that doesn't't resemble the style and content of the show. If you know what type of topics the program focuses on you can tailor your pitch, and raise the chances of an appearance.

Be news worthy

Getting yourself onto a radio program is like any other sales call; you don't want to ring a potential prospect at their busiest time. It's much better to find out when they normally take calls. If your subject relates to a topic that is currently in the news your chances of getting on are clearly improved - so ride a news wave.

If you can demonstrate past experience in speaking engagements, lecturing, etc., the producer is more likely to take a shot at your appearance. If there's anyone who can provide a testimonial, your credibility will be enhanced.

Be prepared

Prepare yourself for the conversation with the producer of the show you want to target. Try your approach on someone you know. If you can't get their interest, there is a good chance your idea will fall flat with a producer. Some experts recommend sending a pitch letter first and then following up a day or two later. This can work, but if you speak to the show's producer directly, you will be able to sell the idea at that point, as well as demonstrate your ability to engage an audience. Remember that you're selling, so the more excited you are about your project the more likely someone else will be sold on it.


Always follow up on interviews. Add a unique code or e-mail address if you are able to. This will help you in tracking the response from the specific interview.

Always keep in contact with the host or organiser of the show to ensure that he/she thinks of you in the future when opportunities present itself. You may be more likely to get an interview or article publishes in the future if the first one went well or if you have build a good relationship with this person.

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