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Public Relations Strategies: Announcing News on a Press Tour

Gaining news coverage on a successful press tour requires planning, preparation, and follow up.

Under the right circumstances, physically traveling to the media on a press tour is a great way to contact multiple media outlets. Press tours work especially well when having something physical to show a writer - a new, easily demonstrated product, for example.

If the writer can interact with the product, if the product performs as promised, and if the product has not been extensively covered in the media, the chances of gaining coverage are high.

In the audio book, "Sound Advice on Public Relations," author Susan Misukanis says getting press meetings in the first place is the challenge. "Making contact with writers and editors to schedule a face-to-face meeting can be more challenging than getting them to run your press release."

When you make direct contact with them, be prepared with a crisp message. "You'll want to present a very concise pitch that outlines who you are, what you want to show them, and why seeing your new product is better than reading about it," says Misukanis.

Once you get the meeting, prepare for it as you would an interview. "Know what types of details the writer is looking for and share that information throughout your demonstration," says Misukanis. "Develop a one-sheet leave behind that overviews the problem your product solves, key features of the product, and how this product is different from other products in your space."

Getting maximum print acreage is the goal, so also be sure to leave print and digital photos of a great product shot.

After the press tour follow up is important. "Even while you're still on the road, be sure to follow up with any open questions the writer poses during your meeting," says Misukanis. "Also send them a brief note thanking them for their time. Then follow up as appropriate to find out if they need additional information and whether or not they plan to cover your product."

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