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Whats Stopping You From Getting Publicity?

When I talk with business people, they tend to believe if they offer good service, they will automatically get "noticed".

Everybody "wishes" for this, but this rarely happens automatically. If you want publicity, you need to give up this "delusion", and pro-actively, systematically, and aggressively contact the media.

CNN and USA Today are NOT going to automatically contact you. Instead, these people are EXPECTING you to "pitch" them on story ideas.

They EXPECT you to hunt them down, notify, inform, and solicit story ideas.

This is simply the truth of people in the media. True, they don't want a sales pitch, but the DO want unique, interesting stories.

Without going into a tirade about the role of media in our culture, you simply have to accept the fact, that if you want media coverage, you're going to need to take the initiative.

I know, you may have fears and hesitation about calling some of the "hotshots" in the media, however, if you do not approach them, they will not approach you, even if you've got the hottest story in town!

SO, get the fantasy of producers finding you out of your head, right now!

Good, now welcome to a brave new world....

Now that you've forgotten about that silly idea, you can NOW TAKE ACTION!

The articles in this newsletter in weeks to come will give you many angles on using PR to get media. You'll get fail-safe, proven methods to get the attention of key players in the media. You'll learn who to contact, how to begin the relationships, and how to make those relationships productive.

You will also learn the "mindset" so that you can set yourself up psychologically for success.

But NOTHING happens until you take action. Not just "episodic", one-shot action, but systematically, week after week, proactively soliciting the media, to get the publicity you deserve.

You can do this. I believe in you. Just take one step att a time, and witness your story proactively shared with the world.

Joe Nicassio designs marketing campaigns, and coaches entrepreneurs to improve their bottom-line profits. To get your free CD "Joe Nicassio Reveals Marketing Philosophies And Secrets That Advertiser Don't Want You To Know" Send your snail mail address to


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