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How to Get Some of Paris Hilton's TV Time

When your book is mentioned on television, sales go up. Immediately people start looking in book stores and on the internet to find out how to buy it. The more people hear about it, the more they want the book. When several shows are talking about the book, it become a best seller. Look at the success of Oprah's Book club, The Today Show's Book Clubs and all the other shows that feature a writer and their book. Sometimes the writer is interviewed but sometimes the writer doesn't even have to be on the show in order to sell books. It made Mark Victor Hansen, the Chicken Soup book author multi- millions. They have published over 85 books.

But how do you get your book on TV if you do not have a large budget for a PR company? Who can you call to get that first break? How can you get a tape of a good interview so other producers will take a chance and book you? How do you show you are a good guest even though you are new? It takes a lot more than an simple email or phone call saying that you have a book and would be the PERFECT guest.

First- Look at your book and then look at the current news headlines. Is there anything in your book that can relate to the current news? If so, you have a reason to call TV shows and pitch getting on the show. If you are current with the news, you have an excellent chance of getting on. People are already talking about your topic. You can work your way in and then talk about the rest of your book

Second- Make a list of the show you would like to be on. Make sure they are shows that would want to have you. Don't try to get on a cooking show if you are talking about cars. The Shows have to want to talk to you about your subject. Your subject matter should be on target with what the show is about. Look at TV shows, and shows on the web. Watch them and actually see what kinds of books and topics they talk about. Watch the style used.

Third- prepare your pitch. This is where you write out what you want to say when you speak to a producer or leave a message over the phone. Plan what you are going to say. You only have a few seconds to get their attention. Sound solid in your voice and on target. Tell them WHY their viewers will want to see you , don't just say you will be a good guest and they need you on the show. Tell them what is special and unique. Let them know if you give away books or any items when you appear. Leave your phone number 2 times for clarity. Make a list of who you called and what show they were with. Wait and wait for a call back. You can do a follow up call but wait a few weeks.

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